Revivogen Pro is a revolutionary Hair Loss Treatment for Women, that was developed primarily for Hair Salon Professionals. Revivogen Pro has all the natural ingredients of Revivogen MD and helps hair become healthier and vibrate after just three months of proper use. Because Revivogen Pro uses the same natural ingredients as Revivogen MD, it is also used by men who enjoy the flowery fragrances of the product. Revivogen Pro is revolutionary because it is the first medically formulated solution for people to use alone or in coordination with other Hair Care Treatments for Women to combat and reverse Thinning Hair or Hair Loss. The Revivogen Pro Treatment Solution for Women when used in coordination with our Bio-Cleansing Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner is a powerful combination of Hair Care Products that has become the industry stranded natural hair loss solution for anyone Women suffering from thinning hair.
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