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hair loss treatment for women Revivogen MD:  Keratin Hair Building Fibers
Revivogen PRO Volumizing Styling Set for Men & Women
List Price: $98.00
Our Price: $39.95
Savings: $58.05
Revivogen MD: Keratin Hair Building Fibers
List Price: $42.00
Our Price: $42.00
Sale Price: $42.00

Revivogen PRO Volumizing Mask, Dry Shampoo and Exfoliating Scalp Cleanser


This three-piece set includes Revivogen PRO's Volumizing Hair Mask, Exfoliating Scalp Cleanser and Dry Shampoo. With consistent use, men and women can experiencing healthier, fuller hair. Used alongside Scalp Therapy, these supplemental products boost its success and increases overall hair and scalp condition.

Revivogen PRO Volumizing Hair Mask
Treat lifeless, dehydrated hair to this intensive antioxidant rich hair mask formulated to repair and rejuvenate lackluster locks. Hair lifts with bounce and shine, becoming dramatically full and voluminous. Unlike other hair masks, will not weight down delicate, thinning hair.

Revivogen PRO Exfoliating Scalp Cleanser

Create an ideal environment for new hair growth with this exfoliating scalp cleanser formulated to remove dead skin cells, energize hair follicles and boost circulation. After applying the bubbling foam for just a few minutes, the scalp is left clean, invigorated and primed for increased absorption of Scalp Therapy

Revivogen Pro Dry Shampoo
Natural botanicals and oil-absorbing ingredients effortlessly cleanse the hair and scalp without leaving behind residue that could weigh down thin hair. This easy-to-use spray absorbs odor, sebum and product. Use as often as needed to add volume and to achieve a fresh, build-up free feeling without washing. It also works as a perfect solution for Revivogen Scalp Therapy users who are not able to wash their hair in the morning after applying their Scalp Therapy the night before. The Dry Shampoo helps absorb any excess product, so you can move on to styling and get out the door without having to wash it daily.

In order to introduce these amazing volumizing products to more thin-hair sufferers, we are offering an all-time lowest price of $39.95

REVIVOGEN MD Keratin Hair Building Fibers are a quick and easy solution for covering up the signs of thinning hair. Get a natural looking full head of hair in an instant.

These microfibers are made from the same protein hair is made of and easily intertwine with existing hairs, all while creating volume and total coverage that lasts all day and night.

- The keratin protein is sourced from a variety of plant-based elements, never animals.

Fibers cling to hair so you can work, exercise and enjoy yourself worry-free. They come out when you shampoo your hair.

- The perfect solution while you wait for Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy to start increasing your hair's volume and thickness.

Application: For best results, apply fibers on dry, styled hair. Expose the thinning areas on scalp and gently shake bottle about an inch above head. Carefully part or style hair to disperse fibers. Slowly build up coverage.

Here’s what REAL customers are saying about Revivogen Hair Building Fibers:

“I’ve used the product five times now, but after the first application, I was hooked. And believe it or not, I was actually nervous to try it the first time. For one thing, I was afraid I would get it in my eyes and all over my ears and face and not be able to get it off, and everyone would know what I did, and I’d look and feel dumb. And as for the other part of my fear: hair fiber “peppershakers” have a stigma! But this stuff is not a product from a bad infomercial. They look very natural with my hair color, and they make my crown look thick and full -- like when I was a teenager!” – Wayne

“I like that the fibers are very light so they don't go down at once to your scalp. It was really easy to apply and I only needed help a bit to see where the spots were that needed them, but when I applied them it was as if I had grown a full set of hair. I was not self-conscious about people seeing my scalp through my hair. I felt pretty and secure with myself. It's amazing what a 'little' change can do to your self-esteem” – Zeanne